Terms & Conditions

1.This agreement specifies matters to be complied with by users using this site.

2.When using the reservation service or travel information service on "G.R Tourist",
the user shall use and confirm the contents of these Terms and Conditions thoroughly.

3.G.R Tourist may contact users by using the e-mail address ,
obtained at the time of reservation or at the time of member registration, if necessary.

4.We will treat personal information of users in accordance with the "Law Concerning the Protection of Personal Information",
and you agree.

5.In the event that any doubts about matters not stipulated in this Agreement or this Agreement arise, we will consult with relevant parties in good faith and strive to resolve themselves satisfactorily.

6.Booking Methods

*Please (AT) to @

7.Payment Policy

<For reservation>
Please pay the tour fee in advance in case you make advance reservation.
PayPal or credit card can be used for payment.

<In case of application on the day>
Payment can be made Credit Card or in Japanese Yen on the day of the experience.
Failure to adhere to the payment policy may result in the cancellation of your booking.

8.Cancellation Policy
Cancellation fee depends on cancellation date.
Cancellation 20+ days before departure: 100% refunded.
Cancellation 30 days - 24 hours before departure: 50% of the tour purchase price refunded.
Cancellation on the day of travel or after the start of the trip will not be refunded.

9.We are not responsible for any accidents or losses happening during the tour.
Please Understand the tour guide instructions and ensure your own safety.

10.The minimum number of persons in our tour will be from one pair.

11.Tours will not be conducted on the day of the tour if there is a fear of accident due to natural disasters, disorder, strike etc. of public transportation occurred and it is difficult to conduct a normal tour.In such a case we will refund the tour price in full.